It’s been one of these mornings…

I woke up to the thought of my mum starting her chemo today, to the sound of rain when it was supposed to be sunny, to my daughter being feverish and grumpy, to our animals being restless and barking and meowing constantly.

It’s taking too long to get everyone ready, I have too many things to do and not enough time before my train to Paris, I arrive at the station and there’s no parking space, my train is leaving in 10mn and I’m driving around hopelessly looking for a parking spot, and I just stop in the middle of the parking and break down…

I let all the tears just pour out of me and wash away whatever needs to be washed away.

And then I take a deep breath and I PRAY. I pray to the Universe, I pray to my guardian angels, I pray to my son, I ask for some help. First I ask for a parking spot so that I can catch my train, and I tell them that I’m feeling lonely today, I pray for support…
And I raise my head and there’s a parking spot just there, in front of the stairs to my train, so I thank everyone and start down the stairs. And then my husband calls me, just a quick call on his way to the office, and I thank them all again, the Universe, my son, and all the souls who look out for me. Because even in my loneliest and darkest times, I know that I’m actually never alone. Neither are you.

Whatever you’re going through today, this week, this month, this year, this life, you need to know this: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

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