What makes a good (Yoga) teacher?

I never really thought about it until one of my students asked me.

So I started thinking about my own teacher: I have done quite a few trainings over the last 20 years but I kept coming back to that same teacher, and eventually realised that he would probably be my teacher for the rest of my life.

But why specifically did I choose him?

Well first because he’s funny! I guess humour has helped me find my way through some of my hardest times (as a kid, I could get away with just about anything thanks to humour), and that guy is funny!

I also like him because he’s steady. I’ve known him for 15 years and he’s still the same. Of course he has evolved, we all do, but he is faithful to the way he teaches.

He has remained faithful to the method he teaches and to his teacher throughout the years and I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about him, no matter what.

He is very respectful of his students, and makes them feel safe and supported, while giving them space to experience things for themselves. He is present without being overbearing.

He is one of the healthiest persons I know. He doesn’t drink any alcohol, has never done any drugs in his whole entire life, and I find it quite admirable considering he was a hippie and was surrounded by people who were doing all kinds of drugs at that time.

He remains very neutral, is quite discreet about his life, but still shares stories which help his students relate.

He is sweet and humble. I mean that guy has over 40 years of experience and still is one of the most humble persons I’ve ever met.

He has amazing physical abilities thanks to his lifelong practice (which makes him the perfect poster child for this method), but will only demonstrate when necessary, without putting on a show.

He practices what he preaches: he gets on his mat almost every day, which means he can truly sympathise with how you feel based on his own experience.

And finally he is the reason I started teaching and am still practising after 20 years.

When I was doubting the method, because of poor experiences with other teachers, it only took one workshop with him to realise how wonderful this practice was.

If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today and that has to count for something, right…? 😉

I hope you guys can find a teacher that makes you feel this way, I give thanks to him every time I step on my mat, whether to practice or teach, and hope I can help others the way he has helped me.

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