When you’re one good night sleep away from happiness… I’m sure you know that feeling…? When you know life is good overall, but you’ve had a really shitty night, and you spend the whole night up, caring for a sick child for example (which is my case today) or just, you know, stay awake because of your thoughts going around and around and around and you not being able to stop them (guilty again).?

But eventually your alarm goes off, you have to get up and you have to get on with your life, because there is no choice. You could be a mother and have to care for your child, you have to feed the child, dress the child, drive or walk the child to school (and yes you might bump into things and spill a few things, but you have to get shit done).

Or you could just be anyone who has to go to work, no matter how much or how little you were able to rest, and you’ll have to look and sound human enough to make it through today surrounded by other humans you may not even enjoy that much…

Maybe you have animals (and maybe some of them are sick), you have to care for them, feed them, clean their shit, pick up their eggs and not forget that you’ve put them in your pocket before leaning on a counter (yes yes that happened too!?), you can’t just wait to feel better, you just have to do it because that’s the way it goes…

And you have different options here, this is where you do have a choice: you can either rant and swear and complain and grumble (I’m not denying the fact that there’s been a lot of all this since I woke up), and it might help for a while. It might help you release some anger and frustration and help you get on with your day.

But if it goes on for too long, then it’s not very helpful and it won’t get you anywhere. So you have the other option here which is to TAKE A BREATH (and maybe also a cup of tea, which is the second option I’ve chosen) and just sit a while. Not for long, just a couple of minutes and consider what is going on, consider the bare facts: you are just exhausted, this is just tiredness in action. With the exhaustion comes frustration, anger, clumsiness, you lose sight of the rest and focus on the negative.

So this is a message to all of you exhausted people this morning:

IT’S OK! Take a breath, you got this. Just do your best, remember that you’re just one thought away from happiness, that your life didn’t suddenly become crap and that you are not alone in this crazy mess.

Peace, Love & Yoga (of course)

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