Another school year, it is September again, summer slowly fades into autumn, days are discreetly getting shorter, shadows lengthen and nature elegantly sheds her beautiful green summer dress for her yearly golden autumn gown.

Whether we like it or not, we have to let go. From the moment we are born, we have to let go. We let go of our mother’s womb to dive into the great unknown, then we let go of an adult’s hand to make our first steps alone.

And then along the way, we have to let go of so many things, so many people as we start walking our own path, from our childhood, our school, our neighbourhood or our country sometimes, and then our innocence, our certainties, our idols, our loved ones, our strength, our sleep and our health sometimes…

Until finally we have to let go of this life and move on.

It seems to me that letting go is THE lesson of a lifetime, as it keeps showing up in so many different ways, and most of us are so reluctant to let go.

Yoga has helped me to accept this process in so many ways, and I cherish my daily practice as a constant reminder of this notion.

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