As I sit in front of my tea this morning, browsing through the amazing number of yoga related stuff on Facebook, I can’t help but wonder how we got here. Not here as in in Paris on this bright Spring morning, but here in terms of yoga…

When I first discovered it, it was considered the stuff of hippies, something practiced secretly by a group of people born in the forties and fifties in a purple room reeking of incense and patchouli (or so me and a few thousand other people thought…). Fast forward 15 years and the stuff is as fashionable as the lumberjack beard has become for hipsters (what’s with those beards anyway?!). You can’t open your paper/smartphone/computer without stumbling across some yoga related info, or not really related, but with the word yoga in it.


I remember Madonna’s memorable concert where she started in a 2 minute Pinchamayurasana (which translates to feathered peacock posture pose in Sanskrit, but the stuff is so hype now that everybody calls it Pincha…). I was starting Ashtanga back then and I remember ashtanga people would watch (those who did watch tv) in shock, wondering whether to be in awe of her impressive advanced series moves or appalled by the fact that yoga was now part of the show… It seems once again the Queen of Pop was one step ahead, because you look around now and it is getting increasingly difficult to know whether some people are rock stars or yoga teachers!



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