Iwas drinking poison… practicing yoga and drinking poison. Because someone said one day (Buddha?) that being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die… and that’s exactly how it felt.

I was practicing and watching my mind rant on and on and on. Honestly not the nicest experience, but I was stuck with it, and I figured that was going to be my practice today…

And then I remembered: first the Breath, slow and steady, one at a time, from the depths of my lungs.

Then the counting of the breath, ekham, dve, trini… Then the drishti (focus point) on my hand, on my foot, on my nose… and then it was Mysore practice, so the adjustments came exactly when needed, making me move deeper into each posture, deeper into the breath, deeper into myself, past the physical, past the thoughts, past the emotions, back to the beginning… Ekham, Dve, Trini…



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Normandy Yoga
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Le Hameau des Libellules, Manerbe

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Sunday November 17th 2019
YOGA ON & OFF Workshop: Yoga and Selfcare - Paris

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